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Marc Veasey

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Chris Murphy

Trevor Loudon, Season 1, Episode 7 – 1m 55s

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  • Marc Veasey

    -Representative Marc Veasey from D-Fort Worth, Texas is well known for his works on the Congressional arms committee.
    -He owes his job to [TIRA] which is short for Texas Alliance for Retired Americans. This Alliance is ran by Gene Lantz & Jim Rivers, however these two are well known for their r...

  • Keith Ellison

    -Representative Keith Ellison from D-Minnesota, also currently in charge of being Attorney General of Minnesota.
    -Keith Ellison is known for coinciding with Pro Chinese and Nation of Islam during his radical college days.
    -Ellison has personally written for Erwin Marquit and the Communist part...

  • Ami Bera

    -Representative Ami Bera from D-California, serves on the influential House of Foreign Affairs.
    -Ami Bera has been known for the alignment of his own interests of Marxism/Muslim Brotherhood.
    -Same advocating and legal protection granted to CAIR, similar to those interest's of Keith Ellison in ...