Hank Strange Situation

Hank Strange Situation

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Hank Strange Situation
  • BFSIII Binary Trigger for CZ Scorpion

    Shooting the BFS3 Prototype Trigger For CZ Scorpion with Safety Harbor Firearms on the Hacienda. Franklin Armory has teamed up with CZ USA to produce a new Binary Firing System Trigger for the CZ Scorpion EVO Series of Firearms. The New BINARY SCORPION From Franklin Armory will have the trade mar...

  • 2018 Audi TT RS Performance Parts Upgrades SEMA Show 2017-

  • Big Daddy Guns What's New In Store & SHOT Show 2018

  • Lola's Lightweight Polymer Rifle Build Kaiser US X-7

  • Spike's Tactical Pistol Build

  • FUll Auto 22LR AK

  • American Gun Chic 1st Time Shooting Machine Guns

    American Gun Chic shoots Full Auto / Machine Guns for the First Time. American Gun Chic 1st Time Shooting Machine Guns (Full Auto) Uzi, M-16, Sten Gun, PPSh-41. Are Girls shooting machine guns: one of your favorite things? M-16's are her favorite. The Uzi she considered soft. The Sten Gun and ...

  • AK47 Pistol: What's Your Favorite?!?

    AK47 What's Your Favorite Pistol?!? Walter from Safety Harbor Firearms brought his AK-47 Pistol collection to the Hacienda for us to shoot with Baby Face P.

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  • AR-22 Lightweight Polymer Rifle

    Polymer 22lr Rifle Built with the Fostech Echo Trigger, on the Kaiser US X-7 Fusion Grey Polymer Receiver Set, using a CMMG 22lr Conversion Kit, and the Prototype SHF Polymer Kompact Entry Stock. Testing the AR-22 Lightweight Polymer Rifle (3.5 Pounds) with Walter Keller of Safety Harbor Firearms...

  • ALG Defense AK-T 6 Second Mount SHOT Show 2015

    Shooting Geissele Automatics ALG Defense AK-T trigger for the AK-47 platform & The ALG Defense 6 Second Mount for the Glock G17 at SHOT Show 2015 Media Day on the Range with Hank Strange.
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  • BFS III Binary Trigger in 3 Different Rifles

    Shooting The Franklin Armory Binary Trigger (BFS III) in 3 Different AR-15 Platform Rifles. Firing on Pull & Release in "Binary" Mode the BFS III Trigger ($430) works almost like Full-Auto, is easy to install and flexible enough to install in milspec & non milspec AR-15 platform rifles. The Guns ...